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How to unsuccessfully sell your stuff on Facebook.

Want to know how not to sell successfully on Facebook? You’ve come to the right place. Over the last fortnight, I’ve become a self-declared expert in the field of trying to relieve yourself of goods for cash on the cesspool that is Facebook marketplace. Be optimistic A few years ago much like many near-middle-age white […]

Worlds Best Parent. Ever. Full Stop.

I have to admit I was riding high, thinking I was the best new mum in the world when I went to my second maternal health check. Sure we didn’t have it all figured out, but from where I stood, we were smashing it –  bub was still alive, we were yet to drop him […]

Australia, the land where wog brown isn’t real brown.

  I read an article in The Age recently, because yes, the newsagency had sold out of Grazia – BAM! No, I was really reading The Age and no it wasn’t something I’d already read a week earlier on the Guardian Newspaper website and then was re-reading syndicated as ‘our’ news in ‘our’ newspaper, no […]