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‘What is your story?’ – a much more rewarding question.

When people ask me what my cultural background is I like to set them at ease by telling them I’m half second generation Australian. If you put the word Australian in there it makes them feel better like they could be friends with you. I bring this up because it’s something I’ve been thinking on […]

My mother kept her maiden name and I didn’t lose my sense of identity

    I’ll admit, I have a complicated name. I’m one of those people with two official sets of ID but that’s not the worst of it – my mother you see, kept her maiden name and so I also have a double barrelled surname, but not a hyphenated surname, because my mother argued, even […]

Must see at Melbourne Fringe 2008: Celia Pacquola in Am I Strange?

Hi I’m producing the highly impressionable Celia Pacquola in her debut solo show – Celia Pacquola in Am I Strange for this years Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008. It’s on from 7-9 October at 7.30pm, 30 Getrude St Fitzroy. Bookings at or you can grab tickets at the door. Tweet

This is less about me then it is about you…by Louise Sanz (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008)

Earlier this year I tried to write someone a letter… It didn’t work out very well, so I decided to tell a story about it at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Inpress Magazine said I was ‘one to watch in 2009’ , and Chortle UK seconded that by saying I was ‘…decent enough’. But I also […]