Neverending Storage takes out Critics Choice Award at Sydney Comedy Festival

Nevending Storage

‘*****’ Time Out, Sydney

Winner ‘Time Out Critics Choice Award 2012’

There was a surreal moment right at the beginning of the night in which one audience member audibly groaned and started animatedly discussing with her partner whether they should stick around, after Sanz made what would have otherwise appeared to have been a throwaway joke about how her show wasn’t actually about the 80s family movie classic The Neverending Story. But take heart, audience member: you may have been disappointed by the relative lack of sweet, sweet Falkor action, but at least you got to see one of the best shows of the 2012 festival.

Sanz is a writer by trade and her last couple of shows – Please Don’t Use My Flannel for That and Not Suitable for Children – were a) very funny, but b) pretty much her reading from things, with the odd audio cue thrown in. Neverending Storage is a far grander creation, with Powerpoint, lots of audio, illustrations, video clips (including, at one point, the single most hilariously incongruent visual to have ever accompanied a list of things money could have been better spent upon than storage) and the odd piece of audience interaction, all tying into Sanz’s litany of romantic disasters illustrated by the increasingly-expensive shipping crate into which she’d rammed the detritus of a relationship seven years ago.

But while the technical side of the show has ramped up, the biggest development is Sanz herself. Gone is the somewhat stiff narrator of her previous shows, replaced by a wry, confident comedian entirely at home on stage. She’s always been a great writer, but Neverending Storage heralds the arrival of Lou Sanz: Performer.

Words by Andrew P Street


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