NEWS: What happen’s next?


So yes my blog ‘The Problematic World of Lou’ has come to an end, but all is good. I will still be posting stories but I’m going to be focusing on my live shows for a little bit…



Melbourne Fringe Festival 2009

The fringe is almost upon us and I’ve got 4 different shows taking place over the length of the festival – more info to follow 🙂

“Please don’t use my flannel for that” – Solo show at The Storeroom (more information to follow)

“Sanz Script” – one off improvised show at The Storeroom (more information to follow)

“Who is Priscilla Irving? – Redux” – Sound installation at The Festival Club (more information to follow)

The Skirt Network Presents “Skirting Around” – (more information to follow)

The Problematic World of Lou

Hi, we’re currently in production on the web-based series based on the blog and a book is now in the works…so all good.


Speak soon




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