Happy Festive Shananigans


Ok, so we all know sometimes I can’t spell, my grammar can be questionable and let’s just say that not all my stories have inspired hope in humanity – but f#@k, for the most part they’ve been mildly amusing and you seem to have enjoyed them and for that I just wanted to say thanks.

We’ve had a long year, one of ups and downs, hits and misses and sure things might’ve run more smoothly for all of us if I’d put out more consistently, but that’s what New Years resolutions are for. (NOTE TO SELF: just say yes, it can’t always end badly and that’s what antibiotics are for- they want you to catch stuff and use them, it’s the only way they can end up curing everything…)

Some highlights have included:

The time I got arrested on public transport for not showing a girl how to put on eye liner http://lousanz.com/?p=4

oh, and it makes me laugh now…but the time I found a lump under my arm http://lousanz.com/?p=72

One of the many times I got turned down by a boy…lol

and then lets not forget when I turned down the opportunity to shag a 17 year old http://lousanz.com/?p=88

And Thom Yorke still isn’t talking to me – bastard!

Oh, it’s been good times, good times and life can only get more traumatic and hillarious as time moves forward and I age, older than I am now.

So thank you for being such avid readers – it’s so lovely to know that people still like a story.

Thanks to all those that have provided feed back – big shout outs to Jackson, Josh, Ewan, Em, Anna and many, many more.

Happy New Year.


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