Must see!

This is less about me then it is about you…by Louise Sanz (Melbourne Fringe Festival 2008)

Earlier this year I tried to write someone a letter…

It didn’t work out very well, so I decided to tell a story about it at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Inpress Magazine said I was ‘one to watch in 2009’ , and Chortle UK seconded that by saying I was ‘…decent enough’.

But I also wrote for Life Support (SBS) when Abbie Cornish was on it so if anything that might sway you.

**I’ve written for other things, but Home and Away doesn’t quite have that independent artist edge I\’m going for, but if you’re a fan of Home and Away come along…why not I say. Neighbour’s fans also welcome.

Oct 2, 3 and 4 7pm
Glitch Bar and Cinema, 318 St Georges Rd North Fitzroy Victoria
Tickets @ or at the door.

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